Our World Challenges

  1. Name the seven continents.
  2. Name 15 countries and spell them correctly.
  3. Name 15 major world cities.
  4. Name the states and territories of Australia.
  5. Write the names of the states and territories on a map.
  6. Name the floral emblem of each state and territory.
  7. List the states and territories in order of population.
  8. Name 10 significant geological features of Australia.
  9. Name 10 major rivers of Australia.
  10. Name 10 countries in Europe.
  11. Name 10 countries in Africa.
  12. Name 10 major bodies of water.
  13. Name 10 major world rivers.
  14. Name 10 deserts of the world.
  15. Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
  16. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.
  17. Name 10 countries in Asia.
  18. Name 10 South American and Central American countries.
  19. Name 10 indigenous clans or languages.
  20. Identify world population and the countries and population of the largest and smallest.
  21. Name 10 popular Australian holiday destinations and what you would see there.
  22. List all Australian Prime Ministers, by their last names, in order of election.
  23. How many premiers of Western Australia have there been and name the last 5, along with their years of office.
  24. Name 10 well known women in Australian politics.