The Smarties' Whiz Kids Club

The Whiz Kids Club is our classroom club for students who are curious to learn about all sorts of general knowledge topics. This wiki contains 100 questions that require some research to answer. The Smarties are challenged to use online resources and books to find as many answers as they can. Research and practice can be done in class, when they have spare time, or at home.

  1. Students need to memorise the answer to a question, then ask Mrs G for an answer sheet when they feel confident they know the answer. They write their response from memory, then fold it in half and place it in the "Whiz Kids Club" basket.
  2. Research, practice and question-answering can only be done in class time if all other work has been completed to Mrs G's satisfaction. Research and practice may also be done at home.
  3. Each question answered accurately earns the student one point.
  4. Students may attempt any questions they do not correctly answer another day.
  5. Students who earn over 10 points, will have their name added to the class leader board.
  6. Ask Mrs G if you have any questions about any of the requirements.
  7. Whiz Kid Club membership is optional, but HIGHLY encouraged!

The original idea came from Mrs Renz (a teacher in the United States of America). As many of her questions were about America, I've adapted some of them to Australian content.

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